The Map-Collective Foundation, founded in February 2021, is a research and conservation-focused nonprofit organization. We are fully focused on mapping out the ongoing needs of the planet and humanity, and balancing the fragile balances of carbon, methane, plastics, and other materials that greatly affect the quality of life for humans and other organisms on earth.

Our team brings an intersectional lens to the work of the Foundation, merging backgrounds from design, academia, and health, to approach the questions that climate change poses.

We work closely with our partner corporate organization, Map-Collective Inc, which provides an online map where we display some of the data we collect through our research. See to learn more about this organization.


  1. Collecting ongoing data on environmental health through existing networks and sensor networks set up by the Map-Collective Foundation.                             

  2. Protecting vital land and wetland ecosystems by purchasing swaths of land for protective purposes, and by working with governments to put in place zoning or policy to protect certain regions.                                                                 

  3. Increasing environmental quality through recycling, reduction of pollution, and other related activities.